I'm on the forum!


Hello this is the official That one guy creations form account so feel free to send requests and ask IRL questions (but not to personal and bad/ inappropriate) but any way, I'm happy to be one the form!


Cool! Welcome to the Hopscotch forum! You're projects ae great, by the way. :smiley: I'm @Intellection74. You can tag me of you ever need any help.


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :smile:


Welcome to the forum @Thatoneguycreations! If you need any help, just @ me like this:


Welcome to the forum!


Kewl welcome!
Tag me anytime!
how? Why like this! "@KVJ"


Hi @Thatoneguycreations I love your projects I'm @Hermione known as SmileyStars tag me anytime


Hi! Welcome to the forums!


Welcome @Thatoneguycreations !
Feel free to tag me ;D
I like being tagged ^u^


Welcome to the forum!

Feel free to tag me anytime!


Hi @Thatoneguycreations!
Just tag/@ me if u need help like this @Paige1212


Hello CatWithABrush i have some questions about the form. Question one, how do you make your own post and two, how to. You tag someone?


Hi @Thatoneguycreations! Welcome to the forum! I am also new but I've been a bit popular on the forum! If you need help or bored, just tag me by typing @Wateryninja! I am always available :smiley:!


How to tag: write '@' and then wrte the username.

Your own post: Scroll down all the topic. You will see a blue button with 'reply' on it. Tap it, and write :D


Welcome to the forum!

I have seen you on HS! Your projects are really cool!


Thanks Duuuuuude it means alot to me!


Hey there, welcome to the forum! =D
If you need anything, tag me anytime like this: "@BellaWafflez17"
I'm iWaffle on Hopscotch, by the way! I love your projects <3


Hay can someone give me some ideas? I will mention you in the finished project. Also can it not be a crazy game i´m not too good at games. :3


Hmmmmm... I can't really think of one 4 u. All I am thinks now is how much appreciation the other hops are giving me for my featured!