I'm OK and Im NOT leaving ;D


I feel better now... I guess I just needed to get that out! I'll stay and thank all of you epically @LotsaPizza for helping me! I feel a lot better now! And thanks @Gilbert189 for that paragraph it helped as well! @everyone

Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart <3


Yay! K


Now I'm still in a sad mood :\

Wasted tears today :sweat_smile:


@SmileyAlyssa you need to SMILE :blush::blush::blush:

@Wookie yay your not leaving! I would have missed you :D


That's not a smile, this is a real smile :grinning:


No, this is, :smiley:! and this, :D , actually there's lots of different smiles but I just used that one because of her username :) @AHappyCoder


@LotsaPizza I can't thank you enough


Thanks @smishsmash! :smile::smile::smile:


Your welcome @SmileyAlyssa
And for everyone it's called the facial something (idk)
When you smile it actually boosts your mood
It's proved by scientists