I'm Offline..... :/




I just wanted to say that I will probably not be on the forums a lot anymore. Without Hopscotch, it just kinda gets boring. :confused:

If I don't stay anymore, then, well....



I'm back! :D:D:D



I never learned about why your iPad got taken away. Why?
Oh, and don't leave!!


I know, it's just so hard to keep up here... :persevere:


I think it was because of school stuff. @Rawrbear will you stay on the docs?


It's hard to keep up there, too, but I'm trying my best. :confused:

Also, it is because of school, and other things, like the gaming community. :wink:


Ok! Farewell! I hope you get hopscotch back soon, and when you do, we will all be waiting for you!


EARTH!!! Y U NO SPIN SLOWER!!! the days would be longer, not too long tho, (sleep needs to happen too) just add like 4 hours to it, that'd be nice


No @Rawrbear do not leave


I wish you had won the iPad! I think you really need it! I also wish I could teleport you over here!


Nuuuuu not the ol mighty @Rawrbear!
Y u do dis world yyyyyy????


His parents deleted hopscotch. Or he has school ipad


I'll miss you!!!


Please stay!!!! i hope you get your IPad back or you get a IPad!!! please don't go :frowning:


What do you mean without out Hopscotch? Other than that I hope you continue to code! Goodbye :grinning:


I don't have the app, my iPad got locked down by my evil parents... :pensive:


I saw that edit XD
But yeah...i cri evrytiem


Don't worry! Some people have it much worst! Just remember if your ever aloud to go back onto an iPad we'll all be waiting for you! :smile:


Did you get a iPad for Christmas?


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