I'm officially a member!


Hi!! After liking and replying to people, and making some good topics, I finally got member!!

(BTW, Sorry this topic took a while to get out. I ran out of topics to use for the day)
For my next project, I want to make a simulator of something. Pick an answer in the poll of what I should do!! :smile:

  • iPhone Simulator
  • iPad Simulator
  • MacBook Simulator
  • 3DS Simulator
  • Wii U Simulator


Votes are public.

@KVJ @Pingu @Huggingfluffybear @AHappyCoder @RobotPro


Yay! :D
Thanks for tagging me! :D
@Zachyswag, Congratulations on member! :D


Hoi I'm temmie :3

Gotta go draw bye

^^^ i have no idea what that was XD


Yey! Woohoo! Congratulations on member, @Zachyswag! :D


Thanks for the tag!

Another congrats on the Membership :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks, this actually happened a lot earlier, but I ran out of making topics so I couldn't make it for 5 hours.



Again, congratulations on member! :3


Now I just have to become regular and than work very VERY HARD to become a leader. Thanks to everyone who is supporting me!! :smile: :smile: :smile:


Yey! :D

I hope know you get leader one day! :D

^^^ so cheesey lol


Yes. That was so cheesy it started to stink (that was even worse!!) :sweat_smile:





LETS PLEASE GBOT (post has to be 20 characters)


That's a good idea lol

Yay! :D
Member! :D



But it's pretty easy to earn. I think you're the first one to get all excited about it. And make a topic.


I don't care! I made this topic to tell the I'm getting closer to becoming a leader, even if its just a very small step. And there are actually a lot of people who made topics about becoming a member!! :smile:


Good for you! I'm excited to see your projects (I personally thing the Wii simulator would be coolest :D)


I'll start off with the easiest first, the iPad and the iPhone. Then I'll move onto the MacBook, 3DS, and the Wii U! (Man, the Wii U is gonna take FOREVERRRRRRRR!!!)


Also if you wanna defy the post of 20 rule…
Put a < at the end followed by a bunch of text!
That way your post makes sense but is not too short! :wink:

And I'm supporting you!




Hey! It worked!!