I'm now taking model requests of anything :D



I like to make models, it's really fun, so I thought, why not take requests for it. I'm taking requests for anything, animals, people etc. if you want an example of my model making skills, here are a few screenshots if some models I made.

Examples of my skills :D

Thanks for reading this.

To do list!
Bread cat :heavy_check_mark:
Pusheen :heavy_check_mark:
Zoo :heavy_check_mark:
Unicorn with a potato :heavy_check_mark:
A model of a person :heavy_check_mark:
A cat :heavy_check_mark:


Cool! Could you do a model of bread cat? :smile:


I can try! Any specific details?


Wow that's amazing! Can you probably do a model of pusheen, kinda like @RobotPro (Pusheen is a cat you could look it up on images) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok, I know who pusheen is already, do you want her in a specific pose or doing something


Eh just doing whatever :stuck_out_tongue:


Your request could take a while considering I have to make a zoo, but I'll do it! And to answer your question, I can make a tutorial on hopscotch on model making. :D


Yes, plz, or you could make one zoo animal not to take up too much time!:wink:


Ok, thanks, what kind of zoo animal


I don't really care, whatever!!


Not really. It's only a cat with bread on its head :smile:


Ok, i finished your request
I hope you like it


I finished, sorry it took so long, I procrastinated :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope you like it!

@MYD I promise to finish your s tomorrow

I'm still taking requests btw everyone :D


Can you do a unicorn? Or even better, a unicorn with a potato! Either one :yum:


Tan skinned boy, brown glasses. Blue shirt on black hair and super dark brown eyes


Ok @DancingLollipop and @GrizTheBear your requests will be done tomorrow, any specific details?


Um... make it good!




It's done! You could check my background :wink:


Yay! :D
You didn't spell it wrong btw