I'm not using headers anymore


This is the last post I'm making that uses headers. I'm not really happy right now, so if anyone replies, I won't look.

I'm not using headers anymore. It's too much.


If you won't look, what's the point of replying to this topic?


What's a header?...???.?.


I think they mean topic...?


This is a header​:slight_smile:


So... big text then?




I don't think a whole topic about this was necessary lol, just don't use them


Yeah, lol what was the point of this topic?


What do you mean? I don't really understand D:


What she meant by headers are Bold text


Wait, what? XD

Why are you suddenly announcing your choice in fonts? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems a little over-dramatic.

Why do we need to know this, and why are headers so overwhelming for you?


Just this once.

They make me feel like a standout and I don't mean to hurt anyone and make them feel like I'm yelling at them or stuff like that.


What? Why would headers hurt anybody's feelings? They're just meant for emphasis! They're not bad, and everyone uses them! They're not making you a standout in any way XD

I'm not saying you have to use headers, I'm saying I see no reason not to.

If someone said that headers were like yelling, then I don't get why they said that.


My thoughts exactly! :slight_smile: Headers/bold text are used to show important parts of your post. It's so people can see them right away​:smiley:


So you did reply! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Besides, how would Headers hurt someone's feelings? You use Headers to make sure something important is supposed to be seen or it's a topic of a sentence or a paragraph.