I'm not trying to take a side with this matter



Recently everyone has been in with the problems with friendship. Everyone has been taking sides and splitting the forum up. We need to stop that. Some people are mad about friendship getting suspended. Everything happens for a reason. She just needs to cool down and get a fresh start. I have been watching these wars and these CAN NOT happen to the forum. I got a little upset seeing all of this (not on anyone's side)

My request: forget about it, let it go. Please for me and the sake of the forum.

@Intellection74, @Gilbert189, @Kiwicute2016 you can close this if you think it will start a war. I just want people to look at this. I don't want a flame war

So please no flame wars


I do not get it... What do you mean?


Basically I'm saying forget about this matter


Wait, @friendship2468 was suspended?!


Yup. Look at her profile. Until July 30 10:48


I have not seen people taking sides...


Oh, I didn't know that.

Well I don't think we should talk about friendship and what happened c:

Let's just move on and stay positive :D


They have been


can you give me some links to some of those topics?


We should not bring this up again. That's what this topic is for


This side thing seems to be pointed at me, yet again. :neutral_face:

I took a side with friendship (the actual thing) and that led me to take a side with friendship2468.


Guys, we shouldn't draw attention to this subject.

Let's all take a deep breath and let it be.

Just like Paul McCartney said. Let it be.

Musical joke.

If you know the Beatles, you would understand.


This is basically talking behind her back, witch is not kind. Also, making new topics about it brings more attention to the problem and does not help.
[] Leaders


What do you think about this topic?


Yeah, it'd be better to leave it settled. The mods made a decision for several reasons, and talking about it won't help. I think I'll close this. :slight_smile:



This was closed because it could start a flame war, and didn't need to be discussed.