I'm not trying to be mean



I don't understand why no one is talking to me no more.
I was not mean I simply misunderstood!
Please forgive and forget?


You are not mean @Trendygirl


Well cash 'left' because of mean. Pop tart made a whole topic directing about how mean I was....


Dont be sad be happy like he:


Thanks xxx


Cheer up dude! Yo,yo.(sorry i am a girl but i talk like a boy sometimes)


Hey, cheer up @Trendygirl! :D
I'm sure that I haven't seen you saying anything unkind, believe in yourself!


Thanks so much.
I really n't know what I'd do without my friends!


We are friends forever,belive yourself.if you have something that you need to talk or sad @ me and i will help you out @Trendygirl


You're welcome!
And everyone need companies. :)


We three are BFFs right?


Totally xx


Yo.tag me when you have time.i need to do homework now see you soon


Ok! I need to go to meh frens party.Bye bye!
Good luck with your homework


I aways try my best on my homework,dude!


OMG!i need to do WJ,i means i need to do a writing!noooo


I don't think it's @Cash's face, she's not an adult…


Adults don't really go on Forum(except for THT).
Cash is about 10 or 11(I dunno) so she isn't an adult


What? XD.


That's very rude to say u don't care

And @Cash profile pic is nicki manaj

And don't report her for doing nothing

@Trendygirl got her topic closed