I'm not sure how to get on featured


Make amazing projects. Use pixel art to make a game.


Well, I know, but (no offense), that the quality of the projects that have gotten onto featured have gone down(No offense again). Also, there are a lot of drawings, too


That's because different hopscotchers have come and gone.


I know, but THT needs to feature some "Better games"(no offense). As you can see THT features games, everyday.


Plus, my real question here is, How do you get on featured?


Forgive me if I sound harsh or anything.
I'm really curious, that's all


All they are doing is giving people featured that have never been featured before
And YOU could be next


You nominate it and see if they like it


How do you nominate games?



Thanks, man
Whats ur hopscotch username?


No problem!


I cant thank u more:joy:


Also if you need anymore help just tag me
Put a @ before my name like @ValueGamesStudio or any other person and we will try to help!


yes I will


It takes time, effort, and dedication to get on featured :D


Yes u also need to make the game or project original And and creative as you can get I mean never think twice about what your making I mean I just made a game where ur a pug trying to get a pug and it got on featured probably bc it's creative


Ok... I know, but I have no ideas


Right now I'm trying to make a draw thing.


You don't gotta make something complex.

You just gotta make something different, that others would want to play.