I'm Not Staying Forever 😫



I Have To Leave AGAIN In 5 Days, My Mom Says I Have Been On Video Games Too Much So She's Taking Away My IPad, I Won't Have Acess To The Forum At All, But Then I'll Be Back After Summer So, YAY! I'll Miss You Guys When I Leave, But I'm Not Leaving Now So, :3 Put Goodbye Posts Down Here :arrow_down:

Bye! ill miss you!-@KawaiiRose
No fren! -murph

Goodbye!! We will all miss you! - @happyfacegirl P.S. Wait does this mean that you cant judge my contest? Yes ;-;

Whyyyyy :disappointed:- @Niftynia75

.-. | See you august 22! -@MrHotdog64

Le gah! Goodbye -_–… - @KVJ

Thx for the invite, I will miss you! Your an amazing friend/coder. See you later - @Explorer_

Bai fren. ;-;
Have a gud time! :D
- Pingy

- Yur fren, Tem :3

I hope you have fun!!!! And eat lots of cake and potatoes!!!!
- Omg hi it's Bubbly


Agian? So quick???

much wow.





Hope ur summer goes amazing tho :3


Oh nooooooooo
I shall miss you fren


Nuuuu bluestargirl why fren?!?!?? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????? Fren I will miss u


4 days ago....

you wrote that


WAT, Are You Talking To Me?




I Have To Leave Tomorrow In The Afternoon, I Think :3


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO why....... Also my mom takes away my ipad too


Guys, Bad News, I Have To Leave Tomorrow At 8:00 PM ;-;




It's Ok, I Will Come Back So, Yep.


Ok, I understand... Bye :frowning:


Bad News, I Have To Leave Today At 8:00 PM, When It's That Time, You Won't See Me Until School Starts Again ;-;
You Can Edit The Top Post To Edit In Your Goodbyes ;-;


NOOO I'm going to miss you so much!!


hey @BlueStarGirl you can always use a computer to go on that's what Im using right now


I'm using a computer too lol!


I Can't Go On A Computer, I Don't Have A Computer And I Won't Be Able To Get On Any Electronics At ALL! So Yeah ;-;


My Mom Is Taking Away All My Electronics ;-;