I'm Not Quitting!


Everyone, you guys are so... Nice! I've decided to make a new account, just for art! Thanks everyone!!! :D


Huh? I'm confused?


Another im gonna quit beacuse of hate topic...


If it bothers you, then you could've muted the topic. But I guess it's too late now. Goodbye.


If it is against your religion, just ignore it. No need to quit, becuase all it is is people caring for others. the people as one joining together for this cause is beautiful! That is my opinion. Don't think about the religion, think about the cause and the people. Please don't quit. ;n;


Ok.. let me guess...
You don't like that people are supporting LGBTQ+?
But if you are quitting please do not come back because that means you are not quitting you are taking a break.


I hope I wasn't a part in making you quit :cry:


Look. It's your choice. I can't stop you from quitting but think about everything you have done with code. Everything you achieved. Memories. Fans.

Srsly. Never, NEVER be a quitter because of mean or insulting comments. There is no point. Let them insult you. Why care?

But I can't stop you. Goodbye.


Can you at least tell me who insulted you?



I agree,
HS can help you with school like math..
Math is a perfect example because in code you have to do math and if you learn at math you will get better.
Just think about it!
Will some rude insult stop you from coding forever?


Coding is my life, as much as anyone insults me about it, I'll never, NEVER leave coding, and hopscotch, which introduced me to coding.


I'm trying to fix two quitting topics at the same time :/


I guess you have quit. Bye. I will miss you. We will miss you.


same xD


I feel horrible now!
I am sorry @GracefulIcing1. I was trying to help and give support.




bye xD



I hope your friend is ok. I will miss you, and hope to see you again.


What in the world is this LBGTQ+ stuff?! I dont get it!


LGBTQ+ means Lesbian Gay Biesexual and Transgender


And the Q is for queer. :smile:


Oh. Okay.