I'm not quite understanding this 'Subscription' thing


So the title explains it all. I can't be bothered to do the OMTL because I failed three times at that.


Just wait till tomorrow.


People can pay to have special features, like uploading pictures. It's a monthly subscription fee. This will come out tomorrow.

I think I may get it!


Who tagged me?


Wait in hopscotch or the forum?


I'm hopscotch!


Okay good x•x


What's going on is that there is a subscription going on in Hopscotch. That means you are paying for certain features every month. You can still code on Hopscotch.


We need to pay fir dat dang thing…
Yeah, special features...:disappointed:


We have to pay for dat thing 4Eva?


Hopscotch of course! xD


It just means that you can pay 8 dollars every month if you want to get 3 new features in HS! But it makes no difference, you can code without the subscription. :slight_smile: