I'm not new... Guess who!


Who am I....? Try to guess! I bet you can't! Read my user card for clues.


First reply and like!

Your profile pic is familar, but I can't place who had it before.


I don't these kind of topics are allowed :slight_frown:


@VanillaOwl had that profile picture :D

@GoldenSun I'm sorry, but guessing topics aren't allowed and they are considered spam. :(


Are you PinkFluffy_Unicorns ? XD :0
(You said your new account name might be GoldenSun on your most recent topic)

Also, I'm pretty sure guessing topics aren't allowed... :0


Revealed lel

@KVJ the only person I heard say it wasn't allowed was @Anonymous and that was just that you weren't allowed to make a topic to guess his identity.


Oh. Ok. Well, @SmilingSnowflakes you guessed right. Should I recycle this or close it?


You could use the blur spoiler so that other people could guess too:)


The what? It's blurry


Tap on it



How do you do hat @MR.GAM3R?


Tap on the gear button on the top menu and it is Blur Spoiler




oh, ok that is really cool thank you


Ok I see, this can be reported as spam...


Geez, sorry for learning how to use a feature upon the forum...


@GoldenSun ,I'd really respect it if you'd change your profile.. :) It gets a little confusing when two people have the same one, and I've had this one for a while. :)


Ur @VanillaOwl I know da pic.


Somethinf like that
<so lest no worry about tomorrow nah nah nah nah nah


Kiwicute2016 can tell us just so you know :D

I think your @VanillaOwl!