Im not motivated to code at the moment



Umm, I dont know how to put this .-.
Does anyone care? Anyways
Im not leaving tho!

loooonggg story

Ive been unmotivated to code. So I dont even know if tommarow im going to be super motivated therefore it could be pointless. Anyways I dont even know why I want to code. Well I like to do it! But on hopscotch, I feel like a derp. I always say keep trying and stuff, but I feel like no one cares, which im saying everything Im making, Im starting to say "why?". For example two projects im working on, A portal game and a animation. The portal game got to frustrating and the animation I feel like its going to get 2 likes or something. I thank @PixelMaster64 @bluedogmc-official and @Kitkat26 for keeping me sane on the app! I really dont want to leave and im not. But I feel like no one really cares about me, but who cares im not going to take about that :p. Now on the forum, Im... Am I off topic? Wutever. I cant think of anything else tho. Does anyone have tips to be more motivated? Thanks for reading....


This happens to me all the time

Just take a break :D


From hopscotch or the fourm?

Or both?


Idk u choose


Ive acually been thinking about taking a break from the fourm.

but if I make a topic all the replys will be

but wutever.




No problem, glad I keep you sane lol!


How have I kept you sane?


Supporting me, it really means a lot :)


I know how you feel


How could you??! Jk :laughing:


But you never liked my projects and I doubt you even checked my account ever (._.)


Didn't I? sorry about that :grimacing:

I just did and I can't believe I didn't follow you yet! Your projects are cool!


Plus I was talking about how they kept you



Oh idc lol.

But my projects are really cool?
and I knew that!


I'd be surprised if you didn't :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I mean it.