...I'm not leaving hopscotch dont look thaks


old topic about leaving k kewl

Okay temporarily.
I can't code on hopscotch anymore, it's to buggy. I'm moving on to other programming languages anyways. But I will come back if they make versions that arnt iOS. My drafts keep disappearing and it's a mess. I like what the hopscotch team is doing, and I hope they keep it up. Every time I try to go on hopscotch, I always end up on the fourm, it's magical. A suggestion I have is to integrate a chat system for collars, maybe even duel coding, and comments to chat, heck if it wasn't for the fourm I would not be on here.

I've decided to continue this with an FAQ:
Are you leaving the fourm: No
Can you come back: No
Please? No.
When will you come back: When the bugs are patched or they make a browser version or a computer version

And, I will still keep the app to look at others projects :D

Very early Christmas present that I should have waited to show :gift:

Bye @MrHotdog64


It's not loading ;-;


tell the not-forumers more
They will not know the reason


Oh right, but in the code I said "For a while"

I probably should say check the fourm, brb



Have a nice break MrHotdog! :wink:


Have you got an old iPad?
Mine is too old for installing the new iOS;-;


i can't play YouTube on my iPad

I'll see it later


I just don't know what to say...
I just...
Bye. I'm sure everyone on HS will miss you. You've been a big inspiration for a lot of people.


iPad Air. Is it that old? It runs ios10


Same thing here I am leaving


The fourm or hopscotch, or both?


... what?
Nuuuuuuuuuu double leaving


Well, 1 and a half leaving, I'm not leaving the fourm.


But it still counts as leaving


That's literally the same thing I did ubhhbhifsjjrejjofdeijjomodwdwdodwokoekmo triggered


Nononononononononono I changed it lol

I added check the fourm
Plus I'm not leaving forever so plops triggered




Ok, thanks for letting us know.