I'm not gonna be active much anymore


I just don't fell like coding. I used to be able to make a project every day and that was great but now I don't do that anymore.........I'm just losing the part of me that gives me ideas. I will be on still but not much sorry.:pensive::pensive::pensive:


Will you be on the forum? I will miss you sooo much fren!

I really wanted to get to know you better!


Fren I can always give you good ideas!


I will be in the forum still


Ok good. Just tell me when you need ideas!


Thnx i will probably need frens to give me ideas


I understand! c:

It's annoying when you don't have ideas :0

Just take out a text block and experiment! Bring out a draw a trail block and put random stuff like create a clone and set text and set position! :D

It'll turn into something awesome :DDDD


Ok, I understand.
I can give you ideas, if you want.


I get you completely because I'm exactly the same… almost every project I make is a remix…


Taking a break is good for recovering ideas for projects.