I'm not a Regular?!


Yes, I know... I haven't been active... Mainly because @BrilliantSunshine is hogging my iPad.... She's sleeping (she sleeps in on weekends) so I stole my iPad back... :smirk:

It's not because of my flags, because I really haven't posted anything lately... So I know it's because of my inactivity.

@BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2016- How do I become regular again?! :disappointed:


If it's really annoying, you can just ask your sister if you can have it back! You can also use other devices to access the forums. :wink:

Welcome Back!


How long has it been since you have posted?


I have to ask her. I'm on her iPad so she's trying to access it from a different computer. She can't be on hopscotch because you can't code on the computer.


@GracefulIcing1 She says about 4-5 weeks. She had it taken away, and then she got it back. She's mostly coding with JavaScript and Python now (even though she got it back) so I guess I'll be on more often than her! :smile:


read 150 topic


Why don't you let her on her account for a bit now? She just got back to Hopscotch! :confused:


@Rawrbear Okay, but she's more into other coding languages now.
She says she'll publish a project about how she'll be on less often.
I bet she misses hopscotch, too!
She was always on it, and constantly checking it! She got too addicted so my parents had to take it away... They gave her iPad to me, and then she got all mad at me :disappointed: She doesn't use it a lot anymore, so I still have it. It's still technically hers, though and she can take it away from me at any time. (I don't have my own iPad :expressionless:)

But now she codes Python and JavaScript, and I'm starting to code hopscotch! :smile:



You know what would be noce? If you gave her the iPad from time to time without your parents knowing! I think it would be a really nice thing to do, I'm being honest! :grin:


She got it back!! She's just not.. Err.. Into hopscotch as much as she was before! I'm giving it to her now so she can use it to put a message on hopscotch!

Bye! :upside_down:


Oh wait. @BrilliantSunshine is your sister? Well. Ok then.


Okay! :D


@Bubbles4Ever92 lol, yes she is! :sweat_smile:
I love Olaf too!
Did you know that at the end of Frozen, there's a secret scene with Marshmallow? (Elsa's guard?)


Actually that was a dare. I still like Olaf though.


What do you mean 'a dare?' Sorry, I'm confused easily!


I was dared to on one of the topics, to change my profile pic to Olaf and my bio to: hi I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs


Oh!! I thought you had a dare to say that to me! :joy:


You just have to read about ~100 more topics!


Just 100!! Let the games begin, @Kiwicute2016! (Inside joke)


Y u no Reg?