I'm new with this


hello! This is my very first post on this page. I know this post is not hopscotch related but does anyone have any idea of what I should post?


I don't think that you should do this its not hopscotch related and people might feel hurt (even if it's a joke). Remember don't make any gossip things.


I agree with RubyWolf. It should be hopscotch related, and even though it is a joke, it still can be hurtful.


Thanks for agreeing @Holly_Aarmau :wink:


And look at this topic http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/the-problem-about-gossip/6587?u=rubywolf1 :confused:


You can post things like
. Coding tips or ideas
. Stuff about the forum
And much more (but keep it hopscotch related :wink:)
(Sorry if I ever sounded mean :pensive:)


Thanks @RubyWolf1 that's really helpful!


You're welcome! If you need any more help just tell me. Thanks for changing your topic :wink:


Yes tottaly @RubyWolf1 said it better than I could! Welcome to the forum! I Love your profile picture!

Here is what to post about!

  1. Any questions about hopscotch

  2. Don't randomly flag!

  3. Talk about what your making on hopscotch

  4. Enjoy the forum!

From your furry friend -huggingfluffybear


Hey! Welcome to the forum!

Remember to keep your posts on topic :wink:

Do you guys want me to close this?


No because people may have the same quiestion about this!


Hi @PeriwinkleElephant!
Some tips about posting:
- Post Hopscotch/forum-related things! Off-topic posts clog up the topic and distract from the purpose of the topic.
- Try to make your posts kind! Even if it means not responding at all, it's still better than being mean!
- Make your posts meaningful! People can't get answers if there are posts that don't have much beef!


Post ideas about projects, questions, and just other things related to hopscotch or the forum!
Feel free to ask for help, we are here to answer your questions!


I think @PeriwinkleElephant is asking about what is okay to post :wink:.


They changed it before it was a gossip topic that why I posted that. isn't that right @PeriwinkleElephant


Welcome to the forum! :wink: Here are some things to help you along
1. Keep your posts hopscotch related
2. Be kind
3. Help each other out

Hope this helped! @LotsaPizza made a topic about basic forum tips, and I advise you look at it. It is really useful.


Welcome to the forums! You'll love it here! I certainly do! :smiley:


No need for that since this is a topic made by someone new. :wink:


Hi! Welcome to the forums! There are many things explained in this topic made by me. Just a quick tip, be nice! To @ someone, place the symbol before their name: @OrangeScent1


Welcome to the forum, @PeriwinkleElephant! Try going to the community guidelines! It will help you!