Im new to this thing 😀😀



Welcome to the forum!


@Xboxboy you can quote them to see what they did by 1. Replying to them and clicking the :speech_balloon: Looking thing.







Welcome to the forum! Have fun!


welcome to the forum! Here is a awesome tutorial on how to use the forum!


I love new joiners!


Im a bit late for the party, but... WELCOME!


I keep running outta likes

why u do dis to me


Warm Welcome


This thing? What's "this thing?"


Ummmm... The forum. MAYBE.


what do you really mean


Me too I've just joined:grinning:




Here's the link to the Community Guidelines (If you see any text like this, it means it's a link, now you're a little bit smarter!)

May seem like a waste of time, but take time to read it! I tell you, it's worth it!



It's also great when you

Want a text to stand out!


If you quote someone you can see what they did to make the text look different


Thanks I'm really gratefull:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Welcome to the forum @Xboxboy you'll find a lot of stuff to do her! if your interested in art check out the art topic! want to make a collab with someone just ask! have any questions just ask! there are hundreds of people willing to help you. Enjoy your stay at the Hopscotch Inn


Hello! Welcome to the forums and Hopscotch! :smile: