Im new to this thing 😀😀



Im from hopscotch you may know be by xboxboy so can sombody teach me this thing


Welcome to the forums! It's great to see new people joining!


Welcome to the forum! I hope you like it! To make these lines

simply put > as many times as you want!


Me too!! I just joined about an hour ago!! Anyway, Welcome!!;D


Thanks so much it nice to see that people around here are nice:blush::blush::grinning::grinning::smiley::smiley:


There are very few who are not!




Correct!! Oh, and as a start, I suggest you explore your profile. It's pretty cool.


This is cool


There should be a guide somewhere around here but idk how to post it


How do you do that line thing


Put > symbols before text, but don't spam it!



would make



Comfused help me out`


Put > multiple times before you type something.






Look at this


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Please don't spam @SabotageWarning I think that is a little too many :sweat_smile:


Yep, poptart0219 flagged mine, and it was wven in a details! :sweat_smile: