I'm new to the website, I have the app but what is the website about?


What is a topic?
Can you tell me a bit about the website?


Welcome to the Forum @DotMatilda

This is the place where you ask or teach others how or what to code!
You might be thinking, "How did you get that profile picture?".

Firstly, see that letter D on the top right corner of your page? Thats where you get notified on the stuff of people who mentioned you.

Click that and a menu will pop up. Click your name, and you are at you activities page.

Then tap Preferences, thats the settings menu.

Over there, find and tap the pencil beside the letter D with some text saying "Profile Picture".

You can import a picture to be used as your profile picture!

There are many many other tricks in the forum!

You never know you might stumble into one!

To make a common poll in your posts, type in:

- whatever you want to put here
- same here

The limit of the number of choices is 20.

To make a Filed text like this,

Click to open

You just opened the file!

 [details=Name of the Folder]
 what ever you want to type

To make a blurred text like this,

(click it to unblur the text)
Welcome to the Forum!

[spoiler] Whatever you want to type [/spoiler]

And the text i used to make that unicode text?

Put 4 spaces in front of the sentence!

Isn't it cool?

Welcome to the Forums!


Welcome to the forum! :D @DotMatilda
A topic is what you just made now! It can be about a collab, a project, or a question! Anything that's hopscotch related!
You can answer other people's questions, join Collabs, make friends and more! Have fun.
Need help? Use @smishsmash and I'll try to help!


By the way, what you created is called a "Topic". It can be used in many ways!


Thanks that is extremely helpful


What do you mean by "it can be used in many different ways?"


Collabs, useful how tos, etcs...

Its multi-purpose in a way...

Just keep it on topic to Hopscotch and you're good to go! :wink:


Well it can be about anything, like art, helping, anything, in hopefully a month or two you can access something called lounge witch is different


Okay I think I have got the hang of it now, thank you!
But if you have any more tips please let me know.


Don't flag unless your really disterbed, don't like 2 much you'll run out, read the FAQ, have fun


Welcome! Here, if you are having trobule with something you can start a new topic, or ask a question and you will probably get lots of comments, with hopsoctchers trying to help you/give you suggestions! Its really an awesome website, and super helpful!


Thanks for the help
Good username


Why do you recommend not to flag?


Yours defintley helps a lot


Thanks, @DotMatilda! I hope everyone's advice on here helps you!


Welcome to the forum!

The foru is about sharing ideas about hopscocth and having fun!

Make sure if you want to change your profile pic by going to your profile hitting prefrences then hit the pencil by the circle and upload a pic mak sure its not a pic of you!


1st. People won't like you, you'll be the mad flagged
2nd. You'll run out and feel bad
3rd. Bad rep
4th. Need any more


Welcome to the forum, @DotMatilda!
This is a really great place to share what you're working on on Hopscotch, post "whoa" moments (like, say, @PopTart0219 likes your project), and join collab projects!
TIP: If you want to change your profile pic, here's how:
1) Go to your profile
2) Click "preferences"
3) Scroll until you see "Profile Picture"
4) Choose a fun picture from your photo library (like my kawaii sapphire)
5) Upload your picture!


Welcome to the forum @DotMatilda! Adding to the stuff above, you can also create topics announcing your new project, but just be sure not to do that too often or else it will become annoying. Be sure to search the forum using the bluish magnifying glass on the top right before you create a new topic though. That's to prevent the forum being cluttered by ten people all asking the same thing, and to prevent the same people answering a question ten times. :smile:


Welcome. Now i'm gonna describe the community. Some are helpful. but sometimes I see:

  • Mad BOT wars
  • 'political' topics that are mostly hating on donald trump
  • A very very very troubled kid
  • off topic stuff