I'm new to the forums. I joined 50 min ago


Ahhhh help me how do I do anything on here? Please tell me some stuff about how it works and stuff.


It took me 53 minutes to figure out how to post this.


HI I'm gabe_n I'll help u get to know everything u need to know:3 I'll give u some links to my posts


Welcome to the forum! I am @happyfacegirl! The forum is a great place to ask questions, be in collabs, get tips, and more!


My help post is here I'll get more later


So, obviously you have the app Hopscotch!

Here, you just talk about that in things called 'topics!' Try clicking a few things! The reply button near a post will let you type! You can make a topic the way you just did! :slight_smile:

Remember, always be kind and talk about Hopscotch, not other stuff! :3

If you don't have the app Hopscotch, then get it on the app store. It's about coding. I think you knew that. :D


Talk about hopscotch, hopscotchers, collabs, really anything to do with hopscotch


Hi @KittyCatGirl2016

I'm Candycane!

If you ever need help, tag me like "@Candycane" and I'll come right over! :D

Enjoy using the forum!1! :D


Ok. Thanks I was confused if this was strictly a help forum or a place to chat about Hopscotch stuff or like the Warriors Cats forums where you can post anything.


Welcome to the forum! Make sure to read the community guidelines, and that will tell you the rules of here. Make sure to follow them!

Cool Tricks

Next here are some things you can do with that little tab bar at the top of when you're posting something.

The first thing (going left to right) is a speech bubble icon. You use that to "quote". Quoting is when you find a post, reply to it, tap the speech bubble icon, and then something like this pops up.

Except in the top right corner there will be the person who said it. If you are replying to a topic and tap it, it will quote the topic. Say like this

Bold Text the next thing is a B which stands for Bold. To make bold text yourself add ** with no spaces and then type your word. After that add an ending ** again with no spaces. If you tap the B this will pop up strong text to change what is strong, or bold, go to it and change the word inside of the **s. It would look like this:

Which would get the result of Hi

Next is italics or slanted text. Selecting the I icon will make this appear: emphasized text in order to make this "emphasized text" you need to do this:

_omg hi_
Which would result in looking like this: omg hi

Now the chain thing, this is the get links. Tap it and a box thing will pop up. In the top box inside the box paste the link you copied, in the second one you have the option of renaming your link. Let me get an example website.
http://www.cat-bounce.com/mobile/index.html Cat-Bounce.com. Now I can paste that into the editor or I could go into the chain icon put the link in the top box and the name in the bottom one, giving me a result like this: This is a link :0

I dunno how the next thing goes, it looks like a quote thing but I don't know how to use it, and I use the speech bubble.

Next is how I got the **Hi** and _omg hi_ to look different. Take ` and do the same thing as with the _ except with


Now how do you get this thing? It's not ' or ’ or ‘ it's `. Kind of confusing. On your keyboard go to the ' hold it down and select the thing on the far right by sliding your finger over it and releasing.

The next icon is for uploading pictures. Tap it and select upload files. Then get the picture and upload it.

After that is an icon that has dots and lines. It does this:

  • List item

Which uses a * then a space before adding the word. But you can also do it using a -

  • Something

See, I used a - instead of a * and it still worked.

The next thing is easy, just do

  1. Something
  2. Something
  3. Something

But what you don't know is that 3. Is actually 10. But the system automatically makes it 3. So it fits in. So you could make all of them 1. And it would still be in a good organized order.

Next is this

How do you get it? The A when you tap it makes this appear:


And it makes big bold text. To do that get #s. 1 # is big. 2 is smaller. 3 is smaller. And so on. The more #s the smaller it gets

1 hashtag

2 hashtags

3 hashtags

4 hashtags

5 hashtags
6 hashtags

And it can't get any smaller.

To make lines you can do a bunch of _s or -s. And it makes a line.

Next is just a big selection of emojis

And after that is a poll maker which should explain everything when you tap it.

Other things you should know

The dank language:
Basically when people talk without making any sense like this:
Helo Pursun mi no u yey
Which means: hello person I know you yey

Some forum slang:
Chakin - Epic/Epic person
Omg that is so awesome my Chakin fren

Fren - Awesome friend
You are so kewl fren

I use my hair to express myself - I use my hair to express myself
What @Anonymous uses to express himself

Anonemus - Anonymous/Dankest Chakin in the land
Omg hi Anonemus

Hi - what people post randomly on topics and the other person replies hi and that continues

Jumpyduckz - a group of Nopes and wrenches

Iguana squid gecko overlord Jumpyduckz Jr - @Gilbert189

Gilberto - @Gilbert189

Malty - @Maltese

Bubbly - A lot of things lol

Important topics:

The Drawing Topic: most popular topic on the forum, old drawing topic had 20,000 posts, unofficial had a few thousand, official had 10,000, and the latest one has a few thousand. Why do we need so many topics for one topic? Because the original was closed due to 10,000 posts. But. It had 20,000. Well there were a lot of bot wars. Which is when a bot comes and automatically closes topics due to flags, so the leaders and mods try to open it until they are able to. They didn't count as posts, so half of the posts were bot fights. Created by @LazyLizard. And you may be wondering what it has to do with coding, even though it's just art. Imagination technically relates, and art uses imagination.

The "Official" Mass Tagging Topic:

Go to it lol. Created by @PopTart0219.

Other things not explained by tabs at the top

Woah this is bigger than the # thing! And it isn't bold? What is this? Well do <big>something</big> and BOOM! Big text.

yey do the same thing except using small instead of big.

<>s. Put stuff inside of it and it'll be invisible. Like this: <normally people can't see this :0>

Tagging. Tagging people gives them a notification. Say I tagged myself. It looks like this: @Bubbles4Ever929.

Trust levels

There just so happens to be a very helpful topic about this. I just don't know where to find it so I will explain.

Basics - Members - Regulars - Leaders - and Mods

Those are trust levels. Stick around to get member and stick around for a while while while to get regular. Leaders are chosen carefully by staff based on your actions and things like that. Mods are even more more more carefully chosen, and approve and deny flags, and can delete posts, see deleted posts, and everything a leader can do.

I hope you read all of this, because it's very important information XD.

Happy hopping!

Lol this took me an hour to write


Welcome to the forum!


Noice post! :00

Thanks for telling them what 'Malty' means XD


I don't have all those buttons.


Perhaps you are on PC? That was for mobile.


No... My iPad... I used to have them.


Strange. Can I have a screenshot?

  • I have some now, but this is another iPad.
I'm confused.
  1. ??

Yah, I have no clue.


This is the not working one


If I there is one thing I know about the forum, it is a place where you can be you and talk about your feelings (about hopscotch) so use it for hopscotch only (You will get flagged if else)


This is my working one