I'm new to the forum!


Hi, I’m new to the forum! Could I have some help on how things work around here? Thanks!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum!
The forum is a huge community to talk about coding, discuss coding, help other people with forum/hopscotch bugs, and help other people figure out their own code!!!

I would suggest checking out some of the categories in your “Categories” tab, and looking at the kind of topics posted there. The “Random” catgory is filled with GTs, (general topics), which are kind of like chatrooms. All of the other ones are mostly coding-related!

You can insert the @ sign before any username to tag them. That basically notifies them that you tagged them and lead them straight to your post. Be sure to tag me (@Swati_Bang) if you have any questions or just need a friend! :smile:


Here is a topic i made that might be helpfull


Hey, welcome to the forum!
If you need me, just @ me like this:


Welcome to the forum!


Hello @StormingStorms and welcome to the forum! I hope that you have a good time here! I suggest that you take a look at the advice users posted above, that advice is really helpful. Write like this: @William04GamerA if you ever need any help! That will send me a notification so that I can help you!


@StormingStorms hello! welcome to the forum!! ;D


welcome :DDD im photo. if you ever need help, tag me. ;3


Has anyone realized that more new people are creating “Help! I’m new.” topics than there used to be?
My theory: Most of these people are actually alternate accounts for less popular people who want attention. If someone has created a topic like this, there is a high chance they are alts because, it’s not hard to find topics like this, so there is no reason for them to make a new one, even if they are new!


Yeah I have been noticing this. But it helps them get noticed, and we can help them


i don’t think theyre an alt tho…


Lol makeing an alt doesnt help you get noticed

Unles it does