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@NerdyNummies123, here's a post by @t1_hopscotch to explain a lil about drawing pads.

here ya go, click the small triangle thingy

here are screenshots of code that add colour to a drawing pad:

This code changes the colour to yellow (which has a value of 10) when you tap the "Yellow" object.

This code is the text that draws. It chooses its colour according to what the Colour Value is equal to.
For example, if you had tapped the "Yellow" object, then the Colour Value would be equal to 10. Then when you draw on the iPad, it reads that value as 10 and it thinks "10 means yellow" so it knows to draw with a yellow line.

There's a really awesome post about adding colours here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/how-to-put-color-into-value/345
too, and you can have a look at that if you like.

If you have a different way of doing it in your project, you could show screenshots or publish a draft of the project and we could have a look at what's going on :smiley:


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