I'm new to the forum! 😜


Hey everyone I am new to the forum!
My user name on Hopscotch is MB29117!
I do random stuff and I will take request I can do what I want or what you want me to do.
If anyone can I need some help with coding go to my page now and maybe you will see my Nyan cat I need some help fixing it.(plz help)


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum, @Maddy12! It's so nice to meet you!



Tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@KVJ"!!


Welcome to the forum @Maddy12! :D


Welcome to the forums, @Maddy12! If you ever need help just tag me like this: @MR.GAM3R! I'll get a notification when you do it!

you get limited replies on your first day, so use them wisely! Have fun


Welcome to the forum!

We can be best friends!

Just @ me if you want to talk!


Tag me @Dylan329 for any help


Followed you!

I'm guessing you know @Dylan329 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?


I'm the only person here, who isn't regular (other than @Maddy12)


Welcome to the forum! I know you'll have a great time here! :smiley:


@Maddy12 check out these topics:


Nice profile pic btw!


Welcome to the forum! I'm Lina! If you have any questions, tag me anytime like: "@Sweetlina" You'll love it here!

Here are some topics you might want to check out:
Community Guidelines
Just general forum rules!

The General Drawing Topic
There, you can post your drawings and ask for drawing requests!

The Imagination Topic
There, you can post your Hopscotch stories, choose your own adventures, talk about books


Welcome to the forum, @ me if you want any help, and here's a useful topic!

Also, what do you need help on for Nyan Cat?


Oh yeah btw you have limited replies on your first day so be careful :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! :D

Remember to always be nice and on-topic to Hopscotch!
You have limited replies on your first day, so use them wisely!

If you ever need help, tag me like this: @Sensei_Coder


Also, wow this is a lot of replies for you :clap:

Also, I see you'd like help. Is there anything I can do?


Yes I need some help I am posting my Nyan cat I had some trouble so maybe you can help me.

And also I may need some help with coding.


I'd be glad to help β€” and so would a lot of others :smiley:

Never be afraid to ask for help here; you'll pretty. Ich always get it :slight_smile:


I just saw the pixel art, it's pretty cool! What do you need help with @Maddy12?