I'm new to the forum!πŸ˜„


Hey guys I'm new!!! I love hopscotch!


Welcome! Please keep all topics hopscotch related and have fun :wink:




Welcome to the forum! Remember that sharing social media (like YouTube) with personal information is against the rules!
Make sure to read the community guidelines before going any further!


Hi there, @Ghastman85

Welcome to the hopscotch forum!

You will have a great time here!


Hey! Welcome to forum, if you ever need help just tag me like this, "@EP125"


No, this is fine :slight_smile: your not doing anything wrong.


Welcome! Don't share personal info! If your YouTube account has personal things like your face of voice, please take it down! :wink:


@MrHotdog64 ok


Welcome @Ghastman85! :3

I'm @PixelMaster64, a marshmallow :D
Tag me @PixelMaster64 whenever you need help!


Thx for the info guys!!!


Also, @Ghastman85, dont be alarmed if you see lots of these around the forum:

Its kinda a thing :3 @PixelMaster64


I love it when people do that, it's hilarious!


Yes it is XD
I started it btw @Ghastman85 XD


@Candycane lol


just don't think that the forum is illuminati lol


I know, I know.


Welcome to the Forum!
I am sure you will like it over here!
If you have any questions I can help you with them!


Welcome! Remember to not be too serious and have fun!


Yah,what @Niftynia75 just said.