I'm new to the forum!



Hi guys, I am a new Hopscotch forum account. This topic is for any tips or tricks on the forum that I need and want to know!


Welcome! If you ever want help type "@KVJ"!


Read this by clicking the blue link


I'm suspicious already. @Kiwicute2016 check him. (Sorreh I have to take teh safety measures)

Did this happen to anyone else?

Thanks for that! ///////


No prob! I'm always happy to help!


Hi, @CreativityIsKey! Welcome to the forum! :D

Here's an awesome tutorial by Anonymous and Discourse! :D

Welcome again! XD


What was your old account by the way?


Suspicous of what? ///


Also be warned: you have limited replies


I Is DaPurpleMan1, the always (somewhat) happy hopscotcher!
My hopscotch account is just DaPurpleMan.
If you need any help, just contact me using the @ symbol! I can always solve a problem!


TBH, I don't want to say, my old account was all remixes


Oh! I just wanted to check it out but if you don't wanna share it, I won't press!


To a subject? Or in the entire forum


And likes. Don't forget likes.
Entire forum. Just on first day.


The entire forum I think…


Must not forget the likes!


What does s/he mean?


(−_−;)you know what.... He needs to be checked.


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