I'm new to the forum😞


Hay! I'm new here, I have the hopscotch app, but I've never understood the website.:confounded: So what's the forum all about?- Candyfloss clouds​:ribbon: (I got the forum a few days ago, but still don't understand it)


Don't be ashamed,
The forum is where you post tips, help, teach, learn and more. Be nice, have fun and work hard


Hello! Welcome! :D

The forum is for if you need help you can make a topic about it. Or making collabs. And lots of other things. But topics have to be related to Hopscotch. Otherwise mods or leaders will close it or other forumers will kindly remind you. If you want to talk to a certain person and get their attention do this. @CandyflossClouds, but with their username.


@seawolfwerehorse your thing please


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Hey! I'm pretty new too!


Oki thank u that helped!


Thank u :blush: I'll try that!


I joined a few days ago


Hey! Welcome! There is so much to learn!

Trust levels:

since you are new, you are a basic user. You have a limited amount of likes and replies. As you use the forum more, you will move up trust levels. You see where it says "regular" under my username? That is because I'm a regular! Regulars can do things like rename anyone's topic, move topics, and they gain access to the lounge.

Cool tricks

To make a poll, where people can vote, do this:
- option 1
- option 2
This makes:

  • option 1
  • option 2


To make a drop down menu

Do this:

click me

[details=name of this]
Random stuff inside

These are just some things! I will find more articles in a minute for you!


these tips are very helpful


You and @CandyflossClouds joined at the same day! Three days ago!


Wow!!! That's weird!


We joined on the same day...


We joined on the same day @raspberii


If you make mistakes, it is OK, for now. You are new, and may not understand the Forum, so if you go off topic, don't feel ashamed


Just have fun and experiment until you get to know the community better!


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Wow...just wow. My first ever topic...this is so cringe! :scream: