I'm new to the forum!YAY!



Hi guys! As you see, I am new to the forum! Sadly, my hopscotch account is unavailable because it's on my school iPad, but I've heard some nice things about the community on the forum so I thought I'd give it a shot!
I've run out of replies!!!
Ok, I am a new user! I'm not an 'alt account'!! If you want to start a topic about this, start it. But I'm not gonna care.
First of all, Jumpy Duckz is from a TV show I watch.
Second of all, I clicked on that gray thingy and it said at the bottom 'leader'
Third of all, @KVJ told me the trust levels
Well, not a Tv show, but a video. It kinda is like a TV show, except with only one episode, and it's nothing like a tv show, and I also got it from the game, jumpy duck. It's a fun game, kinda like doodle jump, wait I don't think you will find it. You are American tright? You have Www.google.com right? Well I don't think you will find it.
Read this http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/this-is-a-follow-from-i-am-new-to-the-forum-yay/21465?u=jumpyduckz721


Um welcome?
Are you sure you're new?

Tag me anytime


Well, yes I am new.


Umm.. Can anyone tell me what trust levels are?


You're new to the forum?

Your name is making me suspicious :wink:




They are how trusted you are by the forum. You go from New to Basic, Member and Regular then can be promoted to Leader or Mod


JumpyDuckz is a forum thingy…

@PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman?


Do you mean kiwicute2013?


M8, I hav no idea what ur talking about


Welcome tothe forum! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time here! My name is @DreamerGirl! I am also, a little new to the forum. Though, I think I've been having a great time! Here you can also get better chances of getting on feature! You can compete in different challenges, and make new friends!
I kinda agree with @KVJ. Yourname sounds familiar. But your profile says joined 8 mins ago! So,...


Are you sure your new?
Jumpyduckz is a forum thingy... Created on da forum.


It could be an alt account :wink:


Ok, ppl, I honestly don't know why your saying I'm familiar. And @KVJ, why are you tagging @Kiwicute2016


And @BuildASnowman and @PopTart0219?




Ok, just tell me what ur thinking.... You think that I'm one of the leaders.... Well I'm not.


You know the Leaders?

And we're thinking you may be an alternative account for a Hop


I don't think your one of the leaders.

You know about the leaders..

I think your a forum user using an alt account.


But how! You can only have one acc per an email, and I only have one email!