I'm new to the forum! (RexersHexers)


Good job!

You are already learning! :smiley:


You guys re all so nice thank y'all!


Hai der!


Oh yeh btw you have limited posts on the first day so edit an old post of yours so you can still talk


Welcolm to da Forum!
Free food here!


Welcome to the forum!
Here's a good list of topics:


Um...this is a really long list.
I'd put it in a [details].


Welcome to the fourm :DDDD, i hope you have fun here :DDDD if you need help just @ me like this @thedrawer


And a vereee yummy list. :yum:


Welcome @RexersHexers!!

Tag me anytime you want help like so:"@KVJ"!

@Dude73 did it again :joy:


Welcome to the forum!


I was going through new topics and it showed up, I had to do my Intro! :smile:


Same but I was 15 hours late :laughing:




So should i make some topics yes or no?
Can you please make a voting thing?


Sure u can make some topics if u want!
But remember they have to be hopscotch related!
Just @ me if u need help!

  • Yes
  • No



Thanks your so awesome @Dude73! Yeah my first tag!


Welcome to the forum!
This is a wonderful place to be!


It's no problem! Just tag me if you want it closed. :smile: