I'm New to The Forum :D



I'm new here, I joined a few days ago.
Can anyone give me advice?
I have been looking around and I think it's good,
but I have heard people can flag you,
How can I avoid this?
If you also have anything else I need to know please reply.

Thanks :D


You can avoid flagging by not swearing staying on topic!!


What is your HS username?



is my HS username.


Nice!! Are you new to HS or are you just new to the forums?


This topic: Tap here! explains all you need to know about avoiding being flagged! :D


You can be flagged by:
- posting spam (useless material, like lalalabalahal234)
- being mean or inappropiate
- being off topic

Just don't do any of these and you'll be fine! I like your username!


As in 12 days ago?



Nearly 2 weeks ago.


Lol welcome then :laughing:


Ha ha ha.


Anything Else??

Just Checking.


Hi @smilingmoons welcome to the forum! :D


Hi :D I love your profile picture!
You can avoid being flagged my staying on topic and following the community guidelines.


welcome. I am the official sloth of slothiness. (Shhh that's a secret)


Here's a list of good topics to look at: