I'm new to the forum and would like some guidance (back tomorrow)

Ok. This isn't really help with code, I just picked the closest topic. So, what I meant above was really like, how to post pics, how to get different ranks,(or whatever you call them)other noob stuff like that. .-.


Hey @CodiCatLabs! Welcome to the forum! Here are a few nice topics for you to check out!

If you need anymore help then tag me at @Snoopy!


Hello, WELCOME!! :DD.

To post a picture, just click reply to something (just write a post) and look at all the tools on the left side when your typing, you will see a little line of tools you could use, go seven over to the lil arrow pointing up and line thing lol. Click it and then click "choose files" to get a picture :DD

Ranks, you just earn by not posting anything inappropriate, staying on a lot of days, reading new topics (on the Hopscotch forum homepage at the top, there's categories, click new) and be helpful! :D

to make text like this
Do this around text: <big> write something here lol </big>

to make text like this
Do this around text: <small> write something here </small>

The things inside the arrows will disappear when u write them, that means it works. XD


Welcome @CodiCatLabs! Stick around the forum to be a basic. The forum is a place where we talk about HS. Tag me w/ @Periwinkle_Dolphin

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Hi Welcome To The Forum!


My name is MiNi but you can call me "Mimi!"

Trust Levels:
When you are new you are trusted as a "New User" go to your profile and you will see!

As you stick around more and more your "Trust Levels" will go up!

Currently "Regular" is the highest rank that is achievable.

Order Of Ranks/Trust Levels
New User (totally new)
Basic (the forum"bot" trusts you more!)
Member (The badge that will last the longest XD)
Regular (This badge can be removed if inactive for a while. Make sure that you stay active if you earn this badge!)

Posting Pictures:
It is quite simple to post pictures!

Simply go to the picture with the "Arrow Out" button and upload the picture!

We have an option to upload videos but we would prefer you didn't for your safety.

Never post pictures of your face!

Other Stuff:

  • Try to keep all topics related to Hopscotch and coding!
  • Help others out if possible!
  • Follow the Golden Rule!

You probably see this a lot but if you ever are having trouble feel free to tag me!
Like this: @MiNi
It will show up like this though: @MiNi

Trick: Let's say you wanted say "Lol" to someone. You would most likely get an error message stating your reply has to be 20 characters or more!

Luckily we have found a way to override this issue by adding: "< >" symbols.

Example: Lol​:joy: < this text will be hidden if you don't have spaces in between the symbols >

Check out my bio for more information about myself!


The Forum, you won't find it very pleasant in 2018


Hello! I'm houseelf87 but you can call me elfy! You can tag me anytime by putting an @ in front of my name like this-


And also, check out this topic!

This has many awesome HTML tricks!

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Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me by putting an @ then my username, like this: @CandyflossClouds , and I will come and help you!

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Belated welcome.

Tag me anytime!

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Thanks for all the help, guys!
I just realized I made two topics facepalm sorry
But seriously, thanks!

It's okay :)


Welcome to the forum @CodiCatLabs! If you need any help just @ me like this:

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For the people who asked tags and people who didn't



just tagging for thanks
If I missed you (somehow) sorry


No problem! I like introducing people to the forum! :smile:

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Cool! I see you are a basic user now!


Am I?
to self yes

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So how did you find the forum?

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This is my story:

Once upon a time, CodiLabs the hopscotcher wanted to make great contributions to the app, so she searched up hopscotch forum and got an account. It turned out to be a


Cool :)

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Yeah, I love Hopscotch so it only made sense. :blush: I shall now write in blue text. And I wanted to test and see if more people noticed my account