I'm new to the forum! :3


You made the topic! :smiley:


Hi! Your art is very good from what I've seen, I am glad you've joined the forum!


I like your winter profile picture, @CatWithABrush. It's very cute!


Thanks :D



Hope you like it here :wink:




Ohh thank you all SO much!!! :smile::grin::laughing: Sorry I didn't reply sooner! :disappointed: (I was busy ;-; )


Welcome to the Hopscotch Forum!
Sorry I'm late, but hi! How are you? Wanna be friends?

**If you ever need help just tag me like this: @IsabelandKatie **

If you wanna chat with me, check out my general topic!



Thank you so much @TeddyAdventurer !!:grinning::blush:


I'm so happy you joined!

You seem like a great person and artist!

If you need any help ever, please tag me! :D


Welcome!! I'm Intellection 74. If you ever need any help don't hesitate to ask me any questions. See you around! What's your Hopscotch app account, if you have one already?


Welcome, @KikiCat05. The forum is an interesting place.


Thank you @Intellection74 !! My Hopscotch account is KikiCat​:smile_cat: ! What's yours?


Hi! I'm good, thanks! How about you? would love to be friends!

I will do @IsabelandKatie :smiley: !


Hi @Sweetlina ! :grinning: I'm really sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much for the welcome, and I would love to be friends! :smiley:


OMG hai we meet at last!


If you run out of replies: Just edit an earlier post with the pencil.


Cool! Mine is Intellection 74.



I love making new friends!


Do you need anymore help Kikiburra?
(Yes...that's her nickname Irl XD)