I'm new to fourum


Welcome to the forums
my new friend @Hicoding
You'll have a great time
Here discussing coding..


Welcome to the forums! You will have a lot of fun here!

Can I be your friend? I'm Bluedogmc on hopscotch!

If you need help, tag me! Like this: @bluedogmc-official


Welcome to the forum!


Thank you everyone and I'd be happy to be all you friends.


Welcome @Hicoding!!! I'm @KVJ tag me anytime like "@KVJ"!

I'm Komplettverrücktjunge on HS. What's your username?

I'd love to be friends btw!


Welcome! What's your HS account?

I hope you will have fun here. Tag me if you need any help an I'll be there!


Welcome! Tag me if you need help


My username is Robots are boss​:robot:


My user is Robots are boss​:robot:


Kewl we already follow each other!




Hi! Welcome to the forum! Sorry I'm late.

Anyways, welcome! If you ever need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help you!

I'm sure you'll make tons of friends! (Including me, I'll be your friend! Will you be mine?) :smile:


Sure totally I will​:smile::blush::wink::wink:


That's awesome!

The forum is actually really easy to get used to, it just takes a little practice! And if you stick around for a few days and read some topics, you'll get member! :smile:


Welcome to the forum! :wink: If you need help, almost any coder can help you, including me. :slight_smile:


Hi! You seem like an awesome person. Can we be friends?


Me? If so, then sure!


Sure will be your friend




Sure I'll be your friend too​:smile: