I'm New ppl :DDD


Hello there, Honey-Bunnies!!! I'm New to the forum. I can't wait to mak tons of new friends. see you later huns :chocolate_bar:


Hi Welocme To The Forum if You Need Any Help Tag Me @WinningMonkey


Hi there. I am also new but I would like to be your friend.


Welcome. I'm always there in case of any help


Hia person. Welcome to de world of neeeeerrrrrrrdddddddssssss


Hi! Tag me like this: @DiamondDragon if you need help! Want to be friends?


Are you sure you're new? :D
You seem to know a lot of how the forum works!
Well anyway, as always, welcome! :D


I just like to press buttons. I get used to things pretty fast. And thanks too.


Hey. Late welcome to the forums @WhippedCreamGirl!

Well, it's always better late than never ;)


Hi, @WhippedCreamGirl Welcome to the forums.
if you need me, just tag. @Steelhooves


Hoi! Welcolm to da awesome community of Hopscotch Forum! :grinning:
Kewl profile pic :3


Hello ! Welcome to the forums !! If you ever need help , just @me like this @Silverdolphin and I will receive a notification saying that you need help !!

Silently tags @KVJ


Hello! Welcome to the forum! I hope you have a great time here!


Hi again @WhippedCreamGirl!


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


That's impressive! :D
I like to press buttons too!