I'm new! Please help!!


I love coding and I’m really excited


welcome to the forum!! if u need any help tag me!! ;D


Welcome to te forum!


I’m guessing your on hopscotch so welc9me to the forum! Im @FRENCH_WAVE123


Welcome to the forum, @MissNoItAll!


Yo heres a semi helpfull topic


Welcome to the forum, @MissNoItAll

First of all, be sure to tag me if you have any questions. You can do this by putting an @ sign before an username (@Swati_Bang). This basically notifies them that you tagged them and directs them right to your post.

Be sure to check out some Latest topics, and like/read/comment a few of them!

Again, welcome!!!


Hi! I believe most people have already explained the basic stuff to you, so I won’t ‘cause you probably don’t want to go through a list of things to memorize. I’m ISNBN, nice to meet you! Anyway, just wondering, what’s your Hopscotch account? If you do have any questions though, feel free to tag me or anyone you think can help.


Hello @MissNoItAll ! If you need any help with anything you can tag someone by putting the @ sign infront of their name. If you want to know more things, like how to make a poll, how to make a topic, etc. then you can just search them up! Just tap this button and type in what you want to know or what you’re looking for!

Hope this helped!


Sorry I missed you!
Of you ever need help just tag me k?!


Oh hi welcome to the forum! If you ever need help just tag me @Ducks_Happy


Awe thanks guys!!!


Oh it’s totally fine!!!


Okay phewww


Hi, @MissNoItAll! If you ever need help, you can always tag me like this: @Cocoa_Viola. I also have a topic for you, so look at one of my topics. It should be called “CV’s Topic for New Forumers”.


You should quit the forum before you get addicted. It’s too late for me, but you can still escape!


that’s encouraging hahahhaha


It seems your like a alt! Sorry! It’s because @MissNoItAll it’s like ita backwords is alt and MissNoAltll idk well sry


she seems real

hahhaah just realizing that lol


Oh hey
What’s your hopscotch username?