I'm new! Ideas?


Hi, I'm new, and I want some ideas on what to make!


(place filler... place filler... place filler...)


Ah.......... I think you should check out projects, and learn the code!


Have you made any projects on Hopscotch?


She/he said that he/she joined about 2 days ago or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know joining the forum but don't know if the person has experience coding with hopscotch


Hi yru have a great time on the hopscotch! Just remember
I hope we can be friends


How about you watch some of the hopscotch videos!


Welcome to Hopscotch! (Or the forum. Sorry if I'm wrong. ). Here are some ideas ---} tv,youtbe,social media, animal jam, I think those would be great things to make


He is new to both!!!!!


It doesn't matter if he's new to coding or not. You guys may want to clicky on his profile picture. It clearly says he's new to Hopscotch but has had lots of experiences will coding. And plus. Does it really matter? Some people quit at the start. Hopefully not this person.


He says he is you...ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!


The what? Who ate what?


What the.. Ok who's profile. I'm not even popular :neutral_face:


On the forum or hopscotch?


Wait never mind! I clicked the worng username!


:l So is someone still pretending to be me?


No! I clicked on your username...there is nobody pretending to be you!


Oh. I guess a robot with a lightsaber and words look ver similar :stuck_out_tongue: