I'm new here what is this?


I saw somthang on tha hopscuch and its said to join tha form thing so I joined and idk what's to do?

I mainly joined it fors some helpin with code!

I Just made this cool project!

I hope it's gets a game changer!

I love cupcakes!




This is either a joke or new user


How old are you? Just wondering.


Oh I'm 7


And I like cupcakes


I can't tell


@moderators Come! Or @Anonymous


Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just put @ in front of my username like this: @Dude73.

Just so you know, everyone is acting mysterious and suspicious becuase of April fools. :D


Oh well, welcome to the forum!:wink:


I don't trust this person but oh well welcome



This is @Wookie


@Razor why don't you trust him?


Cause it's April fools


The chicken is angry.


And I'm pretty sure u won't check ur notifications in HS before you know how to create a project


this user does sound scary lol


But this is @Wookie and I was acting :joy:


You!!!:angry::wink: @Wookie


Happy April Fools day everyone! :wink::smile:


Happy April fools! @SmileyAlyssa


My joke is almost done but It is not funny. I don't think at least. Wait never mind. :smirk: