I'm new here? (+ Forum Idea)



Hey guys, I’m a noob here along with my friend @Somebody!

I’m not super sure how the forum works, but I’ve been looking around and seeing some ideas!

I think the Meta means that I need to talk about the Forum, so here goes:

I do have an idea for the forum! I think that there should be a section where noobs like me can have a topic where we find out how the forum works, and make some new friends. That would be a cool thing to do!

Since @Somebody and I are out of posts, we are gonna take a little break. It was nice meeting you, @Madsie05 and @JonnyGamer! You guys are super cool!


Wow! Now that is a good idea, Chimneys!

I thought I could make something like a General Topic of sorts, but then it disappeared or something. It’s really confusing


Yeah, I’m pretty confused as well

I’m really wondering how this works! :smile:

In the meantime, would you like to buy some chimneys?
We sell 'em nice and fresh right at ChimneysRUs!


Haha, your a funny guy, @ChimneysRUs

Hmm, just looking around. Doesn’t seem to be too much activity happening, does it?


Well, I guess I’ll see later, Somebody!


Bye! See you soon!

20 characters?


What’s the 20 characters??


I don’t know, the Forum told me that a post needs to have at least 20 characters in it so that I am allowed to post it.


Oh, ok

Oh, I’m getting the same problem. Hmm


Where is everyone?

It looks like it’s just you and me, Chimneys :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess so!

Would you like to buy some chimneys?
We sell them nice and fresh at the ChimneysRUs!


Oh, wow! How did you know?
I would like to buy some Chimneys!

Although, I don’t know where the ChimneysRUs is!
I haven’t been able to find any!
Where did they go?


Hmm, I’m not too sure what you mean?

I’m in a ChimneysRUs right now!
Across the road from your house, right?


Woah! You’re right! I guess all I had to do what look out the window!

But I still can’t see it?


Welcome to the forum both of you :)

Not many people are on at this time of day so it’s rather quiet, like you noticed.

Have a nice time on the forum!


Thank you! We are having a pretty good time :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah! This place is really cool!

Woah, Chimneys, somebody (not me, of course, man this name is confusing) is here too! Cool!


Why did you even pick that name?
It’s hilarious, but it’s gonna get us all jumbled up

@Madsie05 apparently I can’t post anymore
Somebody and I (wow that’s tricky) are new users and can’t post too often apparently


Good to hear.

Relating to your forum idea, a bunch of people make topics for new users when they join. I’ll see if I can find some and grabs some links


Yeah that’s a thing when your new. It limits you to stuff for a bit but you’ll pass that soon. Still trying to find some links. Ahh they’re hard to find