I'm new, can someone help me?


hello, i am Blazing Fox..i'm very new to Hopstcch and the forums. does anybody have tips?


Welcome to the forum! Make sure to take a look at the community guidelines, but here are some tips:
Stay on topic
Search before you post
Be nice


Welcome to the forum! :D

I hope you will have a awesome time here!

Here is a tutorial by @Follow4LikesOfficial and @discourse!
It teaches you a lot of things about the forum. :D


Be awesome.
Be nice.
Be encouraging!

That's how I do the forum. :smiley:


What @LazyLizard said basically :slightly_smiling: best of luck! The forum is a place to ask and answer questions about hopscotch or the forum!


thank you smilingsnowflakes. lazylizard i will try, where can i find them?


Here are the community guidelines! :D


Oh! I should've linked you to them! You can say @LazyLizard to get my attention!


thanks, you are so helpful smilingsnowflakes


thanks, does this work? @Lazylizard


i have a tip be nice and make projects that can be fun, helpful or nice..


Yep! Just warning, your replies will be limited as you just joined. :frowning:


Well, it looks like you got a lot of help already! Any ways, welcome to the forum! If you ever have any questions, just tag me by going @SmileyAlyssa! :wink:


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Wait? @SmileyAlyssa?! Your very cool


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Are you sure that's the right link @Intellection74?


Thank you! Yes, it is me!


Welcome! Glad you're here! :smile:


Thank you! I could link you to a bunch of tutorials, but the easiest way to find what you are looking for is to tap the magnifying glass near your profile picture!

Here are a few 'how to's.



^ With a s at the end of the last one. :D ^

Change the 'Hello' to change the title of the details.
And, the 'Hi' to change what's inside of the details!


- Hi
- Hello

^ Spell the last poll right. :D ^