I'm new around!



Hey! I'm new here, is there anything I need to know? :wink:


Welcome! All you really need to know is how to be nice and help others, and try your best to stay on topic! Welcome again!!!

ps. I think I gave you your welcome badge :wink:!


Welcome to the forums! Do @Stick88 anytime you need help :wink:


Um, look at the community guidelines

Try to get as least flags as possible

Um, be good

Don't forget your lunch

Look at other people's topics

Have a nice day at the forum!


Welcome to the FORUM!!!!

You'll get the hang of it really soon. Others got the basics already, but I can find some more helpful links if you need it :wink:


Welcome to the forum @Endergirl! :D :D
I hope you will have a super amazing, awesome time here! :D

Everyone has already said some helpful things, and I don't want to be too repetitive. '^-^

So... Do what they said! XD


Hi @Ender girl welcome I'm new to but I know the basics and there pretty much what everybody else said ÿ


Welcome! The forum is a great place


Welcom! On the forum you can ask questions and answer questions about hopscotch and the forum! Remember to stay nice so you don't get flagged (and because being nice is way nicer than being mean) and stay on topic! The forum is a great place! Have fun :smiley:


Hi! Welcome! I'm Trying To Post A Link To The Community Guidelines.


Welcome to the forum! Everyone else beat me to it, but my tip is to be kind and stay on topic! :smile:


Hola! (I'm not Spanish btw, I just said it cus why not.)

Have fun on the forum!
If you have any questions, you can ask ANYONE!

Or, if you know anything related to Hopscotch, you may share it!

Be kind to one another!
- Ellen DeGeneres

Don't let your DREAMS be DREAMS!
- Shia LeBeouf


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Who brings their lunch (chomp, chomp) to the forum? I bring the iPad to my breakfast spot…