I'm new and I need help with code


I need help with making a game on hopscotch




What do you need help with?


What type of game do you want to make?:slight_smile:


Why don't you ask @Zachyswag


She texted me that she needs ideas fir a game too (we know each other irl)


Come on peepos she needs ideas.


I want to make hot lava @AlohaHawaiiStudios


That's a cool project!:grinning: That's actually a video tutorial on the app so I would suggest checking that out.:slight_smile:


Ok thanks @AlohaHawaiiStudios


Welcome! I have several "how to"s to help you in making games. I will get some links!


Links. And for ideas, I'll get a link to a topic full of them for you.
Make a Shop
Make "And" "Or" "When Blocks"
"Clean up" Code
Basic Values


Read this entire topic full of great ideas when you need to.


Hai again @sarahswag!

What do you need help with?


Why did you break up with zachyswag he's so awesome


I'm still dating him


Zachyswag said you guys broke up because he's pan


@Zachyswag, does the OMTL work again, when you search it up, is it there? Or is called something else now?



Oh it's back. Thanks!