I'm new and got tons of questions!😱


I'm new and have LOTS of questions. I guess all new members do. Anyways, I just had a question on how we log in. Since I already confirmed it and all that stuff, does that mean I have to keep confirming it every time I want to log back in.


Welcome to the forums!

Um what are your questions? :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!

If you need help, type @EnchantedAnimallover!

I would love to help!


And no, you don't need to do that every time you log in!


Hi Weird4Life usually the forum keeps you logged in automatically unless you want to log out.


Thanks everyone. This totally helped. Now I know who to go to when I have questions.


Welcome to the forum, @Weird4Life! Glad to have you here! :smile: :tada:

To answer your question about confirming everytime you log in: No, you don't have to confirm it each time! It's a one time thing. Unless you log out, you'll always be logged in :smile:

Do you have any more specific questions? I'd be happy to help! :smiley: In the future, if you put '@SmileyAlyssa' in one of your posts, I may be able to help faster!

Also, I like your username! Very cool! :smile:


Hey @Weird4Life! Welcome to the forum. Make sure you check out the Community Guidelines and have an awesome time here! :D


Welcome! If you ever want help type "@KVJ"! Love the username btw!


Hello! @CoolCoderEmma if you need my help! And let me @ @saigemine so she can be on the topic! She is new as well and is my friend irl.


Also if you clear your history(I did it once)

But welcome!

Type @Huggingfluffybear to tag me if you need help!


Welcome to the forums!
tag me (@waddlemarco) if you want to ask a question

yes i know like 10 people already did this

so what are your questions?