I'm new and clueless


oh and I have watched

1.All about eve
2.winter sonata (2nd season was supposed to come out I think)
3.autum in my heart

(I actually don't think its a old lady thing! kdrama rocks girl! oh and ya SongJoongKi <3 SongHyeKyo!!!)


ohhh and do u like kimchi?I :heart: it!


Kimchi's good yeah!

These r my favorite dramas from first to third. (I've watched more than three though XD

Why my username is W-Healer is about to click for u, ur about to did out why.

  1. W (I <3 this one so much)
  2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  3. Healer

U see the W and u see he Healer XD

I can't rlly fit Strong Woman Do Bong Soon into my name XD.



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