I'm nervous about some things


I've noticed some weird stuff going on in Hopscotch. Some people are acting weird. Not mean, necessarily, they are just posting some stuff that is not needed. Like I love FizzPOP Studios stuff, but then he is saying stuff like I have anger issues and ___ keeps triggering them when she talks about mermaids! I'm like, OK???? I don't know how to feel about this. Do have you guys noticed??? Please respond.




I think you have to stop the FizzPOP Studios thing. It's extremely weird and probably bothersome to FizzPOP. Here's a few reasons why:

    You don't know who he is, he could be a stalker for all I know
    He most likely doesn't "love" you, maybe he likes you as a friend
    Online "dating" can be very dangerous


Oh I did not mean dating!:grin: I mean I love his PROJECTS! I think his projects are cool. I've never even TALKED to him I was just scrolling through some of his recent published things and there was weird stuff. I'm sorry if you took that the wrong way!!!

AND I WOULD NEVER EVER do online dating!


Its like asthma, ppl. Stuff that is weird to him triggers anger issues, and he cannot control them.



Ok, whew! Someone had a "love" thing with FizzPOP, but I didn't know who.


My reaction when I checked. Out FizzPOP's channel


That is bad have they said your name before?


No, but I was just on Hopscotch and they started following me


they followed me too! Now i am nervous I am biting my nails!


Not yet... But I am still pretty nervous.


yeah (gulp) 2020202002020202020


I don't see anything wrong with FizzPOP studios


Not anymore!


Pfffffft that avatar doe


once they were threatening to report all of my stuff to the Hopscotch team and tell them what I did and they wanted to get me banned!


Your avatar makes me think that your lying, but I know your not XD



Uh oh... I don't know what I did but go check his channel @Follow4LikesOfficial




Erm.... :sweat: