I'm moving on, peace out - Bluedogmc


I've been thinking about this for awhile now.

I'm on an eighth grade and sixth grade lax team year round. I just got invited into an advanced, national level math thing. I play football. I skateboard. I make YouTube videos. I have started to hang out and throw parties with my friends every Friday night.

I just don't have time anymore. I'll still be on hopscotch until my subscription is over, but I won't be on the forum. I'll stop by everyone once in awhile.

Edit: I want to leave on good terms with everyone. If we ever fought, please let me know. I want to be friends before I leave.

My friends know where to find me


I feel that way to, anyways bye
Edit, I have time but I feel like I'm done with hopscotch



I always tried to stay on topic but let me just say I feel like I should have loosened up more


Bye, bluedog! D:

I really enjoyed hanging out with you on the forum,, I'm really sad that you want to go.

It's your decision,, so I can't argue.

Have a nice life irl,, I'll maybe see you on the app (??)

I'll miss you,, you're a great friend. :D


Bye, have a good life.
Gonna be sad to see you leave.
A lot of awesome people have been leaving
Well any way bye.


Bye..... Ah.... I don't do well with ppl leaving......


I still can see you right






Dude I seriously wanna follow you just stop blocking me I can't even see your face gosh


Thx, ill miss you too!


Blocking you on what?


Musical.ly I'm trying to follow you but it won't let me
Sheesh dude quit blocking me


On what account? If you're referring to my remix acc I don't Remeber blocking you. I'll check sorry!


The remix acc
its being weird
It's smile right


Yep, but I don't go on that one anymore honestly.


Can you block me and then unblock me


Farewell. I understand why you have decided to leave. You were a great role model to many people on this forum.


Thanks so much!


I remember when you joined