I'm (most likely) not gonna be able to play Hopscotch until it comes out for Google Play :(



So, my mom's iPad broke (WHY) and.. we're gonna get an Android :frowning:
So I might be back whenever Hopscotch comes out for Google Play, or, who knows, a miracle might happen and my mom's gonna buy an iPhone/iPad instead.. (very unlikely)

bye mk

Also, can anyone in @moderators maybe tell me a ballpark estimate of when Hopscotch is gonna come out for Google Play? :confused:

yeah, bye :wink:
btw i'll still be on forum so yeah

Enjoy this random GIF:


Oh okay!


I like that gif though!


Oh no!! :grimacing: hopefully your mum'll get an iPhone!!


She says they're expensive.. she said she can buy 2 or 3 androids for the price of 1 apple device..


:astonished: that's imbalanced...


I just searched and some are expensive...

Maybe try and get a cheaper/older model?




I'll ask her


It is on Google Play...
...I thought.


Nope. We're still waiting for the #android Revolution





Oh no!! Well, we hope everything works out. Glad that you still can view the Forum. A lot of people still view the Forum without Hopscotch.


Here's a hidden message!


It's not. Everyone wants Hopscotch for Android, but THT can't make Android apps.






Omg why does everyone now quote my stuff D:<


because @ThePickle checks our HTML Skillz :joy:


I added </small> in this quote reply xD


Hopefully soon :slight_smile:


@Liza @Rodrigo @Meg @Montoya @thomas @alish @Ian @asha @awesomeonion, when will Android Hopscotch come?