Im missing drafts!


Oh no I'm missing some drafts to games!
My book vault 76 isn't there with a couple other work in progress games!!!!!!!
I HAD 3 chapters on vault 76 ;(


Oh no!! Contact THT at to see if they can recover it.


I believe it might be a issue on my end though my iPad might have not saved correctly


I might know what happened. Let's say you are working on a game you already posted and you want to update it. So you click on it and work on it then get off of hopscotch. Notice any problems, you didn't save your progress as a draft, so that may be the case


Yeah something I haven't backed up my iPad lately so They are gone it happens :stuck_out_tongue:


How much work did you lose, was it a lot?


No just a couple drafts but some where important games I was making that have now been delayed