I'm making graphics [REQUESTS OPEN]



In the light of the new update, I am making graphics packs. I would consider myself a pretty good graphics designer and UI artist. IDK what you think.

Anyway, I'm making these packs for people who want them, just gemme a request :DD

Sample of my work:

Expect simplistic, flat style graphics like the one above.


In progress:
Character [@bluedogmc-official]

Bush, Fox and Forest BG [@hopscotch_king]
Depressed cat (xD) [@Murphy1]


Could I have one? I like the one character you made, and I have an idea for a game that needs a simple character. Could you design me a character? If you need more info, let me know?


sure :DD

yeah, more info is required :P


Ok, sry! Any specific info you want? I don't see a form..

Or am I just missing it?


There is no form :P

Just tell me stuff like colors, type of character (human or not) and characteristics :D


a bush, a fox, and a forest backround.



I really like the style of the character you put in the first post!

I'm making a simple, flat, 2d game.

Can I have a boy, with eyes and a smile? I also like the hairstyle you did on the first one!

He can have light skin, and green eyes.

This character will go great in my game, thanks!


okie then :DD

ur right after @bluedogmc-official


You can take the character I made in the sample image, except with eyes and a mouth, and also make animation frames. Is that okay? :D


Yah, sure!


Ok ^-^


Also, if you want to share, how do you make these? I love them!


Experience, practice and sketch, a software for mac (costs $99)


Wow, that's so cool! Thanks!


No problem ^-^

How does this look so far, @bluedogmc-official ?


That looks awesome! This will be perfect!


On second thoughts, I'll actually remake one. I can't get the eyes to look right D:

EDIT: I accidentally made this :P

come at me bro


Ok! : D


I'll finish your request tomorrow. Need to go ^-^


Ok! :D