I'm making an iPod!


I'm making an iPod with actual music! If you can help or give me some ideas for it that would be great! Thanks!

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Should I post my progress

  • yeah I wanna see it!
  • nooooo it has to be a surprise!



Maybe you could add different apps that are games!


Ok I'll make an iPod then a phone!


I'm going to make one of these too. :smile: Nice Idea




Thanks it was @PopTart0219's idea tho but I picked it. Can you maybe give credit?


Can someone please help with the music please?
Someone who does music?
I'll do some music tho


This is so cool! How about you add Hopscotch as one of the apps?


Ok thanks I'll do that with the phone coming after the iPod. The iPod just has music


I have a iPhone template I made if you want it? Can't wait to see your iPod it sounds cool!


It looks aweosme!


Thanks so much! What's your HS username


Hoopster116:basketball:✌🏼️. I have it as a draft at the moment so I will publish it for you. I will publish it tomorrow cuz I have a Super Bowl party to go to today.


Do you know anything I could do to help? Maybe you could also make an iPad?


Hmm maybe....................


What songs are you gonna add to it?


I'm not sure yet. I'm waiting for some people who can help with music. Can you?


I don't think so, try asking @Follow4LikesOfficial.


Ok thanks @SapFire (I follow you!)